Your questions answered about INSURGENCE's revolutionary fitness system.


Your questions answered about INSURGENCE's revolutionary fitness system.

What is INSURGENCE Fitness?

INSURGENCE is a 24 hour Functional Group Training Club which allows members to work out whenever they like. You get a new functional based workout every day in the club and workouts start every 3 minutes so you can create your own timetable. But more than just a club, INSURGENCE is a total system of accountability and support which helps you get the best results possible. We design highly effective workouts for you every day and provide you trainers to help ensure you’re getting the most out of it. On top of that we add in nutrition, accountability, support, wearable technology and then a really great community to share the journey with.

Why was INSURGENCE Fitness created?

We created INSURGENCE to make getting fit as easy as possible. While our training is anything but easy, we make the whole process easier, so you can get better results while having more fun doing it.
We saw that functional group training was gaining popularity, but no one was offering it in an affordable, convenient format. Not only that, we spent a lot of time and money researching how people achieve the best results on their fitness journey and found there is more than just one element to it. In addition to having the club to workout in, people need so much more to have the best chance of achieving their fitness goals. So we created the INSURGENCE system which combines workouts, nutrition, world class trainers, accountability, support and community.

What sort of workouts do you get at INSURGENCE?

The workouts are functional based training. We chose that type of training for several reasons. Firstly it’s better for your body as it uses movement and load that your body is already used to. Secondly, it gives you an overall fitness and strength which is useful in every aspect of your life. It makes you stronger, more limber, more toned and gives you an overall glow of health and vitality.

Why do the workouts get results?

Our workouts get better results because they are focused and effective. You’re working at a higher level and you’re completely focused the whole way through. That means you get more from your time by doing the right things in a focused manner. But more than that it’s the entire INSURGENCE system that really super charges your results. At INSURGENCE you not only get amazing workouts but you also get a structure of accountability to hep you follow through, you get amazing trainers to guide and work with you, useful and implementable nutrition information as well as an amazing group of fellow Insurgents to share the journey with.

Tell me about the trainers at INSURGENCE Fitness.

Our trainers are a group of highly trained fitness professional whose main goal is to see you succeed. They live and breath fitness so that they can ensure you get the best results when you come in. They work closely with you to help guide you, making sure you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes which prevent you from reaching your goals. Thanks to them members no longer need to wonder if they’ll get results, they can be certain of getting them.

Who is INSURGENCE Fitness for?

INSURGENCE has been designed to cater for absolutely everyone who cares about their health and fitness. Our workouts are scalable to cater for all fitness levels. Every exercise in the workout can be adjusted to be either more or less intense and be either more or less isolated for strength building. So whatever your goal, our trainers can tweak the workouts to help you reach them. If you want to burn calories and lose weight for example, they will make the workout more cardio intense. If you want to build muscle, they give you a more isolated movement.

What is the club like?

In a word, the club is amazing. It’s a fun, high energy and welcoming environment where you can come down without any pretence to just be yourself and get fit. From the music to the colours to the lighting, a lot of work has been put into making this a space people want to work out. Our members tell us that the club both excites and engages them, which is exactly what we set out to achieve.

What can you expect when you join an INSURGENCE Club?

When you join an INSURGENCE club you get an amazing experience. From the warm and welcoming staff to the fun and upbeat members, INSURGENCE is a club where you’ll feel comfortable straight away. The club is beautiful, the music is energising, the atmosphere is electric and the workouts are super fun.

When you join you get all the tools you need for success in your fitness journey.

How is INSURGENCE different from other fitness offerings?

INSURGENCE has completely redefined fitness. Our unique technology based club gives you access to functional group training 24/7 and at a price point almost half some other offerings. We’ve tried to take every thing that prevents people from achieving results and deliver a solution for it. Not enough time? Well the workouts are only 30 mins. Have a hectic schedule? You can train any time of day or night that you like. Don’t know what to do? We lay it all out for you in a super easy to follow workout which changes every day. And if you can’t afford personal training, well our trainers work with you during staffed hours to help and guide you through your fitness journey.

What sort of results can I expect from training at INSURGENCE Fitness?

Results are our main aim. So we give you all the tools you need to achieve them. Just working out is not always the answer. We have found that people achieve far better results when they have clear workouts laid out for them, a trainer to work with them, they understand nutrition, they have a system of accountability and support to help them and finally, and probably most importantly, they have fun as part of a great community. That’s exactly what we deliver at INSURGENCE.

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